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A letter from the Creator and Presenter of Introduction to NLP
Nicola Walker - (Certifed NLP™ Trainer)

Dear Friend,

NLP is about learning how your mind works and how to re-programme it effectively to make the  improvements you really want in your life right now.Nic Walker - NLP Trainer You can also use the techniques to help others change their thoughts and behaviour too. Thousands have tried and succeeded. You can too.

We all spend a considerable amount of time behaving the way we always have, repeating habits. Some are good but some don't do us any favours at all such as irrational fears, phobias, feeling demotivated, nursing past hurts, procrastinating, making unhealthy eating choices etc...

Unlike many self-help techniques, NLP does not rely on repeating affirmations every day for months and months. The techniques are simple, straightforward and often work very quickly.

In the past, using NLP to help with your personal difficulties meant going to a trained therapist - usually for only one or two sessions, but it still means digging into your pocket for quite a large fee before finding out if the techniques will work for you or not. The alternative was to start learning NLP, which consisted of either spending a lot of money on long (i.e. weeks or months) training courses or reading and possibly not understanding several books from different authors. Either way there was a problem - spend a lot of money up front with a therapist, spend huge (and I mean huge) amounts on training courses or spend hours reading, digesting and trying out the techniques from books without really understanding how it all fits together.

CD Set CoverWhilst there are some fantastic therapists, trainers and books out there, there are also ones to avoid. Unfortunately, like lots of 'fields', NLP attracted a few of these over the years. Many of them still take the jargon and technology way too seriously and fail to simplify them for ordinary people like me and you, who want the actual results without the science and explanation behind them - and without spending an arm and a leg to do so.

Just imagine if you could make a change right now that lasted and had a profound and huge effect on your own life, and it only cost you the price of a nice meal and an enjoyable couple of hours?

NLP is really about learning how your mind works...

I've been a trainer for many years, training managers and also helping people develop their personal potential. I started learning about Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP) from its creator, Dr Richard Bandler, over ten years ago, rapidly moving from a qualified practitioner to trainer. Since then I've been gradually building up the number of courses I run each year. However places on the courses are limited. Now, for the first time, with the technology available on the internet, I decided to make some of my own NLP courses available online. 

Whilst NLP can sometimes involve lots of jargon and overly complicated techniques, in my courses and client sessions I remove the jargon and actually provide people with real techniques that work in real time. This course is a great example of that. Now you can experience some NLP techniques in the comfort of your own home. 

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""I have been interested in NLP for a few months now, however after reading a few introductory books I felt as if I was getting nowhere and was unsure what I did and did not understand. After listening to your “Introduction 2 NLP” seminar over the course of a day it is like a light has been turned on – and I know where I want to be!!!

"I thought it was really useful to hear the feedback of the audience, during some of the exercises, to know that I was on the right track and coming up with some of the same answers as they were, something you never get with books."

Nicola, as I trainer myself, your style and structure of training is excellent and it is obvious, to me, you have a great passion for the subject and your enthusiasm comes through on the CDs.

One of the best introductions to NLP I have experienced – I now want to learn more!!!"

- Mark McDonagh. UK

This course is the result of over twenty years of experience in training and coaching combined with lots of practice, to show you exactly how one goes about successfully using simple NLP techniques for improving the life of you and others. Nicola was the first to release an Introduction to NLP course and CD set and has gone on to develop her NLP teaching by assisting its creator Dr Richard Bandler in his trainings in the UK.

A bit more about the course...

For my Introduction to NLP course participants spend just a single day learning some of the basic techniques that anyone can use to improve their motivation, remove fears and phobias and begin to change their physiology. You do this by learning how to manipulate combinations of pictures, sounds and feelings along with various relaxation techniques.

The Introduction Course uses the power of the internet to deliver audio using the MacroMedia Flash player (that nearly every browser on the planet has built in) to allow you to listen at your PC or Mac to the course and follow along with the exercises at your own pace. When I first released the course, it was rare to find audio or video on a website - with the growth of Youtube and others, now audio and video are everywhere.. talk about being at the forefront of change. But this is still one of the easiest to understand and help you realise the potential of your personal power by introducing you to NLP. You can start immediately today in just a few minutes. (Order Now)

The Course is available on a 3 CD set or online flash audio

I realize that not everyone has broadband - there are dial up users out there - and also not everyone likes listening to training materials sitting at a computer. Therefore we've also made the course available on a 3 CD Set as well, if you so choose.

Little Known Secrets about NLP Techniques...

Here's what you won't get..

  • Lots of complicated Jargon
  • Impractical techniques that only work in a few cases
  • Complicated Goal setting methods
  • Affirmations, mantras or new-age mysticism.
  • Unmotivated
  • Any of the many other suspect techniques provided by other methods masquerading behind psychobabble...

The Good News Is... There IS a better way

The problem that many people have found learning from books is that they don't learn by experiencing the process. Reading about a specific technique, after deciphering the jargon, does not always show the correct way of doing it - so to speak. This was one of the reasons I created my course "Introduction to NLP"

Now, with this course, you can start learning some practical NLP with the click of a mouse.

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Some of the multiple benefits of this audio course include...

 Learn a simple exercise that shows you how to move outside your comfort zone. Also you'll learn how and why your comfort zone can be expanded by practice.

  Experience how your own thoughts can control your physiology. By simply remembering or creating sounds and pictures in your mind you can radically alter your strength and physical state. You'll also learn how to amplify these changes to best effect.

  Reviews of individual exercises throughout the course. As this is a recording of a live course, you will actually hear from the participants after the exercises.

  Become more conciously aware of how your thoughts and actions that were previously unconcious habits. For many habits and simple addictions, this is often the only step needed to begin changing how you react and feel, for the better of you and the people around you.

  Learn simple relaxation techniques to remove stress and accelerate your learning abilities. Stress is one of the most wide spread problems

  You can listen online or download the course onto your computer for listening offline. The audio is provided in two versions - Online Delivery using Macromedia Flash or offline MP3 files that can be played whilst offline or moved onto your remote mp3 player.

  The course is also available as a standard audio 3 disk CD set. 

When you order today I'll also include the following bonuses....

Bonus 1: Stress Relief Audio Program

Stress Relief Hypnosis Audio ProgramA Self Hypnosis Stress Relief Audio Program available  in MP3 and Online formats - Worth $29.95 

"Can you as an adult, can recall those days as a child, playing outside with your friends all day, never knowing that stress would be a part of your life someday.
So, now imagine or picture a state of mind where the layers of stress that you experience as an adult now are pulled away from your mind and body. You feel your body becoming lighter and lighter. Floating.Nothing can hold you down. Ahhh! It feels so good.You feel like a new person now."

So come on, you deserve some light relief!

Using some of the newest techniques in hypnosis performance, combining up-to-date hypnosis inductions and the latest in NLP.With a running time of 45-55 minutes for the main part this is  a complete and full hypnosis session to help reduce your stress levels.

Bonus 2: NLP a practical Guide to the Basics

NLP a Practical Guide

In this short PDF virtual book, Richard Butler explains in a bit more depth some of the background and Jargon used in NLP - saving you buying any of the books from Borders, Barnes & Noble or Amazon beforehand. Of course once you've started understanding NLP you'll probably begin building your NLP Library anyway, but this guide is a good free head-start..

Yes, Nicola please let me have access to your course!
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  • I understand that by placing my secure order today, I will be getting instant access to this powerful audio course that may change my life, and others around me.
  • I'll may have immediate access to the same techniques that have been proven effective over the last 20 years. I know that this course is 100% legitimate, 100% legal, and 100% what I need to learn right now.
  • You've made it a very easy decision with your 100% iron-clad money back guarantee and I'm ready to start right now!

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Some NLP practitioner courses costs over £2000, espcially if you factor in travelling costs and hotel bills along with the fees. One day seminars can run into the £100-£500. The content in this audio course would ordinarily take two or three days to impart and practice - costing you £600 or more.

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"That's more than a guarantee, that's a promise."

Get ready! In just a few minutes you will be able to start listening and begin to make useful changes in your life. Talk about instant gratification!

"Introduction to NLP will change the way you think about thinking."

I wish you all the best,

Nicola Walker.


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